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beatiful SOCKS AND STOCKINGS collection

The long experience of the Calzificio Zeta has been the result of the art of a totally handcrafted production of fine women's socks for the five senses. Our items are of great value and, versatile, fit for any need. Zeta's sock factory employs only the finest materials to guarantee the highest quality, strength and effectiveness in the action of graduated compression. 
We care about every detail, from trim to manual quality control of every single sock before sale.  
We are at via Irlanda 20/22, Castel Goffredo, Mantova

Therapeutic action

With a constant micromassaging action, our socks and tights improve vascular disorders, promoting blood circulation in tissues and prevent varicose veins and cellulite, with anti-inflammatory effects that counteract swelling and tiredness of the limbs . The lower heel also facilitates the fit of the product, preventing the formation of annoying wrinkles under the foot.

Socks for any woman

Our products are ideal for relieving the feeling of fatigue and are good for all ages, even in the absence of any pathology. They are women's socks that know women; they prevent tingling and congestion typical for those who are forced to spend many hours standing. Our socks are a valid support for specific professional categories that need a hand in this regard, from nurses to policemen. Our socks are there!
For more information on our range, please call us:  +39 0376 780600. Happy to help.
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