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ARTISAN socks for men and women

Calzificio Zeta is a high quality company that has been making stockings for 30 years. We maintain a high profile on the market by producing only top quality items - the passion for our work shows in each creation - aesthetically impeccable and comfortable stockings when worn. Our friendly and highly qualified staff can guide customers in buying, by welcoming and accompanying them in their choice. Calzificio Zeta is at Castel Goffredo in via Irlanda 20/22.

Elegance and well-being at the same time

The philosophy of our sock maker is like a thread that combines beauty and well-being. Beautiful, pleasing and practical stockings to wear, which act as a benefit for the legs. A dream? No, a reality. Calzificio Zeta covers Castel Goffredo with acknowledged experience and professionalism, with a large and loyal clientèle, able to receive only the best from those who make stockings for a lifetime. With its thirty-year experience, Calzificio Zeta has a brand new line of graduated compression socks. Beautiful models to be seen, pleasing to the touch and beautifully comfortable to wear. Why is well-being fashionable? Calzificio Zeta makes stockings and tights designed specifically to massage and remove heaviness in the legs, combining therapeutic action with graduated compression and satisfying the demands of fashion and 
true elegance.

Certified and recommended reliability

Calzificio Zeta manufactures a wide range of products with preventive and therapeutic action, certified and recommended by Sinal medical-scientific laboratories, made of double coated Lycra yarns by Dupont, ideal for any desired degree of containment, for slimming, shaping and refining legs and buttocks! With great versatility we produce tights, socks, and leggings in different weave weights, ranging from 40 dernier to 140 dernier, velvet, smooth mesh or honeycomb and also medical, both class I and class II. All our products are gradual and differentiated compression but do not lose their aesthetics. Because our socks are beautiful to wear, available in fashionable colours, soft and pleasing to the touch. Pleasing to the eye wants without giving up comfort and well-being.
For more information and details, please call us at +39 0376 780600
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